Michaela Morgan Children's Author and Poet

About Michaela

A cartoon of Michaela Morgan

Born in Manchester, she left in order to misspend her youth in more exotic locations. She now splits her time between Brighton (where sadly she has yet to fulfil her potential as a rollerblader), keeping warm on the Cote d’Azur, and Zumba sessions in Rutland.

She was educated at the Universities of Warwick (BA Hons English), Leicester (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) and Cambridge (Further Studies in Education). Michaela has taught a wide age range, from bright-eyed infants to jaded fraudsters. She was a writer in residence in prisons and has run many workshops for children and adults.

A popular speaker at national and international conferences, her work includes a British Council sponsored trip to South Africa to give talks and run workshops with teachers in townships. She has also visited schools in the USA, France, Switzerland and Spain.

In the UK she has spoken at: UKRA conference, Primary English conference, the University of Leicester School of Education, University of Nottingham School of Education and the Federation of Children’s Books. She has contributed to many conferences and INSETs.

She is currently a committee member at the Society of Authors. Visit the Society of Authors.

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