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The Poetry Pack
The Poetry Pack by Michaela Morgan and Pie Corbett.The Poetry Pack contentsThe Poetry Pack is a new teaching aid written for the latest curriculum by two of the UK's leaders in children's poetry and poetry learning: Pie Corbett and Michaela Morgan. Published by Philip&Tacey, it is designed to be as useful, inspiring and educational for teachers as children. It contains the fun, sparkle and guidance needed to teach poetry effectively and engagingly to primary school pupils. As well as informative teacher's notes, it contains word cards, exciting pictures, selection bag and CD recordings to inspire and encourage children's imagination and meet the needs of the latest curriculum.
The Philip&Tacey Poetry Pack is available now from Hope Education. Click HERE to visit their site.
Poetry - A Time to Speak
A Time to Speak from Schofield&Sims.A Time to Speak, a Time to Listen is the new poetry anthology for schools which includes Michaela's poetry. Available now from Schofield&Sims it contains 100 poems suitable for reading aloud, for listening and for learning off by heart as classes work through the revised school curriculum.
Schools can get their copies direct from Schofield&Sims.

How to teach poetry writing: Workshops Ages 5-9, and 8-13

How to teach poetry workshops by Michaela Morgan.These books are the answer to a teachers prayers. These two, brand new editions are based on Michaela's experience as a teacher, poet and in conducting successful workshops in schools across the UK, and indeed around the world.
Michaela matches her skills to the latest curriculum requirements, and gives detailed plans on how to engage children at KS2 and KS3. All plans are aimed to help teachers and pupils work creatively, poetically and successfully. And most important of all, they are fun for the children and the teacher!
David Fulton.
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