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Michaela Morgan has written many popular books for children. Her work includes fiction, picture books, poetry and non-fiction. See Michaela on Wikipedia.

Michaela's latest book
July 2017
Michaela's Wonderland: Alice in Poetry is on the 2017 shortlist for the Centre for Literacy in Primary Poetry Award (CLiPPA).
2017 is the 15th anniversary of the award, which remains the only annual award in the UK for published poetry for children.
September 2016 
Wonderland : Alice in Poetry 
Published by Macmillan, edited by Michaela Morgan
A collection of all Lewis Carroll’s best loved poems with poems by contemporary poets in response. Poets include Michaela of course and John Agard, Joseph Coelho, Jan Dean, Roger McGough, Rachel Rooney, Jane Yolen and many many more… More details at our Alice in Poetry page 
Michaela's News

National poetry day 2016 - #nationalpoetryday - www.nationalpoetryday.org
Every day is a poetry day but October 6th is National Poetry Day 2016.  
On www.nationalpoetryday.org you will find all sorts of goodies, free stuff, resources, poems to share and enjoy and …www.nationalpoetryday.co.uk/wp/education/messages-national-poetry-day-ebook This is a totally free e book which has poems from all the Poetry Ambassadors, Michaela included.
Having a Poetry Day at your school? Want workshops, readings, inspiration and fun?

BBC Radio Leicester interviewing Michaela Morgan about National Poetry Day
Michaela writes all sorts of things including poetry - mostly, but not entirely, for children. She has popped up to share poetry with sticky infants, tattooed felons and bewildered passers - by and will be spreading the light in schools and streets and railway stations here and there on National Poetry Day – and all year long.
News on Twitter from Michaela.
Send a poem from or about a RUTLAND landmark or monument to leicester.poems@bbc.co.uk #radioleicester #nationalpoetryday #jlampon #rutland
Send a poem from or about a Leicestershire landmark or monument to leicester.poems@bbc.co.uk #radioleicester #nationalpoetryday #jlampon


Michaela visits all types of schools for writing, reading and poetry workshops.
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