Michaela Morgan Children's Author and Poet
Michaela has written over 140 titles in the past 30 years.
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Knock Knock Open the Door by Michaela Morgan.Knock Knock Open the Door
Who are we all waiting for?
This charming flap-book features repetition, bright colourful animal characters and plenty of chances for the very young to join in and guess what is behind the door on each spread. Ideal for families with young children and those who are expecting a new arrival.
Walter Tull's Scrapbook by Michaela Morgan.
Walter Tull's Scrapbook
Walter Tull's Scrapbook is the brilliant new book from Michaela which tells the true story of this black orphan, footballer and war hero.This fictional account tells Walter's life in his own words, with original documents, photos and descriptions.
It is moving, heart-warming and tragic.
Frances Lincoln.
Charming! by Michaela Morgan.Charming!
Elsie hates her name and hates her school. Then she meets super cool new girl Charmaine, and things start to look up.
Maybe a new hip-hop dance class will give her a chance with dreamboat Guy? Then something very strange happens with one of her trainers and events take an unexpected turn...
Barrington Stoke.

Hercules the Hero and The Legend of Robin Hood by Michaela Morgan.The Legend of Robin Hood
Hercules the Hero
Two great new books from Michaela have been published by Oxford University Press. The Legend of Robin Hood and Hercules the Hero are brilliant re-tellings of popular tales, but while you might know the stories you'll find Michaela's fun and invention leap from every page.
Oxford University Press
Night Flight
Night Flight by Michaela Morgan.A new life should be exciting - but for Danni, it's a battle. He and his 'aunty' live in a tower block, with only distant memories of his faraway home. His new language is proving difficult, he gets bullied, and he has nightmares. One day, visiting a city farm, he meets a horse called Moonlight and his heart starts to heal. But the nightmares are closing in - until a sad event sparks a magical night that transforms his life forever.
Frances Lincoln

Respect! by Michaela Morgan.When their mum and dad die, Tully and his brother are sent to a Children's Home.
Life is hard. But Tully has an amazing talent that will win him a place in history.
The true story of a black British orphan who became the first black outfield footballer playing at the highest levels of the game, and the first black British officer in the Army. The astonishing story of a truly great man.
Barrington Stoke 

Never Shake a Rattlesnake!
Tucking piranas in your pyjamas?
Keeping a whale in a lake?
A hilarious look at how not to behave!
Never shake a rattlesnake by Michaela Morgan

Kitty Kool's Beauty School
When Kitty Kool opens a beauty school, she gives a magic makeover to a ragged rabbit, a silly spider and a cranky croc. But things don't go according to plan!
A well-crafted story that reveals it is OK to be different and a perfect book for any child that loves dressing up!
Kitty Kool's Beauty School by Michaela Morgan.
Happy Birthday Sausage!
It's Sausage's birthday and he is having a party. All his friends are invited and he just can't wait.
But when the day arrives, no one turns up. Poor Sausage - what can be done to make it a happy birthday in the end?
A&C Black

Happy Birthday Sausage by Michaeal Morgan.
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