Michaela Morgan Children's Author and Poet
Children's drawings and letters following visits by Michaela Morgan
What the children think
"She was exciting! She filled our minds with excitement and lots of words. She told us about books we didn't really know."(Reuben,Y3)
"She was fun. She used our ideas and said 'wow!' I'd like to be an author and she's got me into books now!" (Freya, Y3)
"Michaela was a lot friendlier and more 'kiddy-like' than we'd imagined. She was very quick-thinking. When someone asked her a question, she gave the answer as a rhyme." (Rebecca,Y6)
"She was really funny. She got us interested by the fun things she said and did. I didn't think she'd be so enthusiastic!" (Alicia, Y5)
"We could ask her questions and she answered them very clearly, so we could understand." (Zak,Y6)

Copyright Michaela Morgan 2011. All rights reserved by Michaela, her publishers or illustrators.