Michaela Morgan Children's Author and Poet

Performance videos

Tyger Tyger
When Michaela heard that a Siberian tiger in the San Diego zoo had started to lose its stripes while in captivity, her thoughts turned to another famous poetic animal - The Tyger by William Blake.This is Michaela at her poignant best - direct, powerful and penetrating.
Video courtesy of Pete Brownlee.

Dinner at Elm Street
Something a bit scary and a bit ...well, disgusting actually. This is a poem that will terrify children, but only if they think they might have to eat the dinner that Michaela's witch is cooking up.
Michaela shows she has a less serious face, and how the right ingredients carefully placed in a poem can get children spealing in delight.
Warning: as far as we know, no school dinners have ever been made like this, not even by Shakespeare and his witches. Unless you know differently...
Video courtesy of Pete Brownlee.
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