Michaela Morgan Children's Author and Poet
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Michaela has visited many infant and junior schools across the UK, Europe, the USA and Africa over the past 20 years. She is also a popular speaker at conferences and
speech days.
Michaela at Astley Primary School.
School visits
Michaela gives talks, readings, question and answer sessions as well as writing workshops.

She works successfully with a wide range of age groups from infants to top junior children. Her sessions with each class/group will normally last 45 minutes. To see Michaela in action at a recent visit to a UK school just click here and scroll the page on the school site.

She is willing to hold four workshop sessions per school day, and suggests that for the best possible result sessions should be limited to a single class at a time or a maximum of 30 children.

She is also willing to give talks to the whole of KS1 or KS2.

Michaela at Chalkhill Primary, Brent.Her working day in school will normally run from 9.30 to the end of the school day, and she appreciates lunch being provided. However, she is happy to discuss the individual needs of the school at time of booking.

She will hold book signing sessions on request.

For information regarding details of costs, please email michaelamorgan@live.co.uk.

Michaela is also happy to contribute to INSET and conferences, please contact her for details.

Michaela is happy to consider all types of visits, locations (UK or abroad), age groups or audiences. Please feel free to contact her with your individual requirements.
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