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Walter Tull’s Scrapbook

In scrapbook format, using authentic documents and photos, we learn the story of the first black professional footballer, Walter Tull – who went on to become the first black officer in the British Army. It’s an inspiring story with an important message about courage, endurance ,and overcoming discrimination.

“This is an outstanding piece of work in which Michaela has encapsulated the life of an often forgotten man. She will grab the attention of our younger generations, and hopefully compel them to achieve greatness in their lives too.”
Clarke Carlisle, Chairman of the Professional Footballers Association

“Using a scrapbook style of words, pictures and photographs, we follow his progression to adulthood. He signed up in 1909 [to Tottenham Hotspurs] becoming the first ever black professional player. When the 1st World War started he joined up immediately to the ‘Footballers’ Battalion’.
He saw action in the bloodiest of battles and was offered a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1916. He became the first black officer in the British Army, dying in the war aged 29. A poignant, well written and illustrated book stands as a tribute to a special person worthy of remembrance.”
Anne Munro, Carousel

“As we approach the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, many schools will face the dilemma of how to translate the scale of casualties into something meaningful for young children. Focussing on an individual is one solution, and it would be hard to find a more remarkable hero than Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British Army.
Presented as an imaginary scrapbook, illustrated with artwork, photographs, maps and memorabilia, the device allows the story to be told through Tull’s own voice. An inspiring account of courage and leadership.”
Sue Unstead, Books for Keeps

“The officer’s story is told in a fictionalised scrapbook by Michaela Morgan, using actual photographs, documents and records.the story of Walter remains unnervingly relevant. But Walter wasn’t just a great footballer and British officer.
He happened to be black, at a time when the rulebook stated that only white men could become officers.In the media, in the terraces and on the pitch, racism and prejudice still mar the face of the beautiful game, week after week, year after year.”

Northamptonshire Telegraph

“This is the inspiring story of a former Tottenham Hotspur footballer and war hero who faced adversity in both his careers. After his father died, Walter was brought up in a Hackney children’s home. After playing for some minor clubs he ended up as the first black outfield player in the English league. Even then, he was subjected to horrific racist chants in some grounds. The story is presented as a fictional scrapbook. His experiences seem very relevant in today’s era of multicultural premier division life.”

Irish Examiner

“It doesn’t pull its punches about the horrors of war but it does so in a responsible way. It also shows the camaraderie and the bravery of the troops – and their horses – under appalling conditions. I think any boy of 7+ who is interested in World War I would love this book. Highly recommended.”
Historical Novel Society

“He was a courageous and inspirational leader – a black officer at a time when the rule book stated that only white men could become officers. This book is based on his personal writings, photos and pictures and gives a fascinating insight into a man who broke across boundaries. In an age when we still find prejudice on and off the playing field, this book conveys an important message – one we must heed. The atmosphere of the First World War is vividly evoked and this book will complement studies of the period by giving a personal view of events.”

“In personal jottings, photos and pictures, this scrapbook brings alive a man who lived outside the limitations of his age – from Walter’s childhood in an orphanage through his footballing years at Spurs and Northampton to the Western Front, highlighting the Christmas Day Truce of 1914, Walter’s officer training – pipe, moustache and all! – ending with his death on the Somme, his memorials and his legacy.”

Frances Lincoln



Respect also tells the story of Walter Tull – but this time his life is told as a story as a quick read. The book is very popular with all sorts of readers but has proved particularly successful with  dyslexic or reluctant readers who enjoy a story that is gripping, well-paced, easy to read, inspiring – and true.

“A story of heroism, war …and football.”
Finalist for the Birmingham Libraries Book Award

“A fantastic book. Really moving and interesting. One of the few books I really like!”
Joshua (aged 13)

“A great easy read. I have read it twice! It is a book you can’t put down.”
Matthew KS3

“This is the most AMAZING true story. Everybody should be made to read this as it makes you feel very humble and grateful to those brave young men who died fighting in the First World War. The book is very short and simple to read which means anybody could read it. The style is very straightforward because I believe the author wants to reach as many people as she can. Tully was a truly remarkable man – please read about him and think about all he achieved.”
Birmingham Librarian

Barrington Stoke






Knock Knock Open the Door

This charming flap-book features repetition, bright colourful animal characters and plenty of chances for the very young to join in and guess what is behind the door on each spread. Ideal for families with young children and those who are expecting a new arrival.




Elsie hates her name and hates her school. Then she meets super cool new girl Charmaine, and things start to look up.
Maybe a new hip-hop dance class will give her a chance with dreamboat Guy? Then something very strange happens with one of her trainers and events take an unexpected turn…

Barrington Stoke


Hercules the Hero

The Legend of Robin Hood

Two great new books from Michaela have been published by Oxford University Press. The Legend of Robin Hood and Hercules the Hero are brilliant re-tellings of popular tales, but while you might know the stories you’ll find Michaela’s fun and invention leap from every page.

Oxford University Press


Night Flight

A new life should be exciting – but for Danni, it’s a battle. He and his ‘aunty’ live in a tower block, with only distant memories of his faraway home. His new language is proving difficult, he gets bullied, and he has nightmares. One day, visiting a city farm, he meets a horse called Moonlight and his heart starts to heal. But the nightmares are closing in – until a sad event sparks a magical night that transforms his life forever.

“This is a wonderfully evocative piece of writing that is both an increadibly emotional read but also an uplifting one to anyone who has ever experienced bullying or torment.”
Julia Eccleshare,

“This is a book for all ages, with an important and life-affirming message for anyone who has ever suffered and been mentally scarred by
their experiences.”
International Board on Books for Young People

“Danni is a refugee. He struggles in his new country: the language, the bullying, the nightmares. But, slowly, his damaged soul begins to heal. An enchanting, magical book.”
Letterbox Library

“Sensitive and robust, finely written and illustrated, this is an engaging tale about transcending life’s grottiness.”

“Night Flight offers a touching and well-written insight into the life of a young boy adrift in a strange and often threatening world. Introducing the book to children in schools and libraries would be a good way of providing empathy with those who arrive on our shores with little or no preparation and often deeply traumatised.”
Books for Keeps

“This sensitively written, poignant story rounds off with an unsentimental, realistically satisfying conclusion.”
Irish Examiner

Frances Lincoln


Never Shake a Rattlesnake!

Tucking piranas in your pyjamas?
Keeping a whale in a lake?
A hilarious look at how not to behave!
“Delight in all the things you are NOT meant to do! “Don’t lend your hat and coat to a goat. Don’t try to dress a fox in a frilly bonnet and pink socks.” Toddlers will delight in the absurdity of the suggestions which are all posed in delightfully simple rhyme. Nick Sharratt’s illustrations capture brilliantly the madcap essence of the verses.”
Julia Eccleshare,



Kitty Kool’s Beauty School

When Kitty Kool opens a beauty school, she gives a magic makeover to a ragged rabbit, a silly spider and a cranky croc. But things don’t go according to plan!
A well-crafted story that reveals it is OK to be different and a perfect book for any child that loves dressing up!



Happy Birthday Sausage!

It’s Sausage’s birthday and he is having a party. All his friends are invited and he just can’t wait.
But when the day arrives, no one turns up. Poor Sausage – what can be done to make it a happy birthday in the end?
“A gentle, funny story that’s sure to be a hit with readers, thanks to short chapters, an amusing plot and endearing illustrations.”
The Bookseller

“The Chameleons book range provides an ideal bridge between picture books and early readers, engaging children with well written and funny stories with eye-catching illustrations. This selection shines thanks to the language of the accomplished authors and the gentle humour that will appeal to youngsters.”
Family Interest Magazine

A&C Black


Brave Mouse

Brave Mouse is an encouraging tale of a timid mouse who over comes its fears and decides to face life on its own terms. It is a gentle story aimed at the young and the young at heart which shows how to come to terms with your own doubts, and make up your own mind. It is all about growing up and becoming your own person.

Frances Lincoln


Betty to the Rescue

Betty Solves a Mystery

More than anything else, Betty likes to be helpful, but somehow things always seem to go wrong!

“One of two books about a bumbling, irrepressible young hippo whose cheerful goal is to help. Here, noticing “a poor little monkey stuck in a tree” she leaps from her wallow and barges off to get him down, equally oblivious to advice, to the other animals in her path, and the true nature of monkeys. And hippos.
Not until she has climbed the tree and can’t get down does it dawn on Betty that she’s the one who now needs help. Luckily the palm flips her back to her wallow, to the comic consternation of several flamingos.
Morgan’s text bounces right along, propelled by colorful verbs. A frog Betty accidentally saves en route adds interest to both the plot and the gleeful, meticulously rendered art; he shows up again as a bemused bystander in a second book – Helpful Betty Solves a Mystery.”
Kirkus Review

Mathew Price


Dear Bunny

Tino and Teeny are lovely lovelorn bunny rabbits, living just a few hops from each other. If only one of them could overcome their shyness and speak to the other When their efforts to woo each other with writing are ruined by a rainstorm it looks like they may never meet. Thank goodness thee is a family of miniature matchmakers nesting nearby to help piece together their true feelings.
“Two bunnies write letters back and forth, both thinking the other is not interested until a mouse family secretly unites them. This book is cute, cute, cute! My daughter asks for me to read it almost daily.”
Melissa Elder (OC, Ca)

“I thought this was an adorable book. As I was reading it, I kept thinking
what a wonderful book this would be for Valentine’s Day. A unanimous five-star rating!”
Charlotte M. Barnes

“The children ooh-ed and ah-ed, they said oh-no to the story, they were delighted with the ending. Again, I repeat, “Dear Bunny” has been their very favourite book. It shows that children love variety and appreciate the most basic of human emotions: love!”
Judy K. Polhemus “Book Collector” (LA)

Chicken House


Bunny Wishes

Through the snowy winter chills, best bunnies Teeny and Tino keep each other warm. In their cosy burrow they dream and make thei Christmas wishes. But when their wish lists are whisked away by the wintry wind, it looks as if all is lost. Can some crafty little mice help them discover what they really want most?
“Bunny Wishes by Michaela Morgan and illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church is a richly worded tale of two bunnies who pin wish lists to a hollow log. The wind whooshes the papers onto the heads of baby mice who nibble and chomp and chew the notes into all sorts of winter toys. A fun romp kids will want to share more than once.”
Los Angeles Libraries

Chicken House